Home Sweet Home… Almost

For the past 7 or so months I have been living with my parents, saving money for whatever direction my life was going to head next. I’ve been constantly searching craigslist for a place to call my own… I considered buying a place, but then decided against it for various reasons… so I’ve been concentrating on the “apts/housing” section for Kitsap County.

I’ve learned a lot in the process, including how landlords will try to make their unappealing rental sound inviting. Cute/cozy/cottage = small, and probably old and in need of repair. If there are only pictures of an obscure living room/bedroom… the rest of the house, such as the all-important kitchen, is crappy. If there aren’t any interior pictures, but LOTS of exterior… you’d probably be better off hitching up a tent in the yard/driveway/street. Overall, I learned to be very wary of how landlords and property managers described and advertised their rentals.
My caution has finally paid off!! I found an interesting listing for a “cottage” (which immediately set off warning whistles in my head) on Rocky Point, contacted them on Thursday, saw the house on Saturday… then told them I wanted it on Sunday! The landlords are SUPER nice and want the house to be a “home” and not “just a rental” and it really shows in all of the time they have put into fixing it up.

It isn’t large, but it is big enough for me and my pup… one smallish bedroom, one bathroom, decent kitchen, and good-sized living/dining area. The following pictures are just the ones that were included with the craigslist listing… you can be sure to expect more once I get my keys and a “virtual tour”… because I’m cool like that.

The kitchen has a nice new stove with flat burners. It is all black and white… lots of storage and will eventually have a W/D at the other end (hopefully!!).

The bathroom is pretty small and no storage yet… but I’ll fix that. The bathtub area is awesome– they put slate tiles all around that match the fireplace in the living room.
The driveway stretches the length of the house, and at the end there is a trail that goes down to the water. There is another small rental on the lot nearest to Rocky Point that is currently being rented to a young newly-wed couple from CA. She works in the school district as a psychiatrist or something and he’s a lawyer.
The back of the house has French doors that open to a small patio/deck. The lot is all wooded and mostly shaded. I’m going to be on the hunt for shade-loving plants to spruce up the outside!

I moved in the first piece of furniture yesterday… a loveseat that was another craigslist find. (I think craigslist is becoming an addiction.) I met one of my neighbors, Ali, who is super nice and helped us move in the loveseat! It’s a very promising start for my neighbor-relations.

I am taking work off tomorrow, mostly because I can and partly to continue the moving process. Hurray!

And so the next adventure begins…


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