Slowly but surely

I “officially” moved into my rental as of last Thursday, and by “moved in” I mean “piled in most of my stuff” and also picked up a couple pieces of furniture I found on craigslist. However, I didn’t actually stay at the house until Sunday night, after transferring even MORE stuff from my parents’ house. (I am still unsure how I managed to move so much stuff, and yet the house still feels so empty…) I still have a lot of unpacking/putting-away to do! My bedroom closet doesn’t have the closet rods set up yet, so I’ve been essentially living out of my make-shift “luggage” (aka a duffel bag and miscellaneous garbage bags that I stuffed my clothes into).

Friday and Saturday were spent traveling to and from The Dalles, OR with one of my best friends to shoot a wedding, with a pit-stop in the Seattle area to do a senior-portrait session. I was the “assistant” at the senior session… I make a pretty good light stand, if I do say so myself. I also made the girl, Rachel, laugh, which is a good thing, except for when JP wanted the “serious” looks… so he banished me out of sight. That shoot was a lot of fun– Rachel was great to work with, full of personality and natural at posing. (facebook album)

Then we continued down to Lyle, WA/The Dalles, OR for the wedding, where I played second to JP. The wedding was very pretty… but very hot! Pictures were tough because of the harsh sun and lack of shady areas, but we managed and worked with what we were given. JP is the master at editing, so he has all of the pictures (between the two of us, we took over 1700 pictures!) and I haven’t seen them all yet… but I know we got some awesome shots. He has some of the ones that he has edited so far posted… (facebook album)

I took this one! JP’s there on the left, taking a picture of the couple.

I am not nearly as proficient at editing as JP is… granted, living in limbo and the moving process has taken up a lot of my time. I still have pictures I need to edit from my dear friends’ Sara and Kyle’s wedding (yikes! that was in May!) as well as a family portrait session I did… maybe over Labor Day weekend? Haha we’ll see…

For now… I need to try to not feel like I have to get everything done NOW and TODAY (picture editing, unpacking, etc) but rather enjoy the moment and breathe whenever I can… looking forward to the next time I get to take pictures, whether it is by myself or in partnership with JP… and also looking forward to bringing my pup to my home from my parents’ place!

JP took this one, too… when Taylor was only about 4.5 months old.