Do the…. PUYALLUP!

I rarely go to our local county fair, and had only been to the Puyallup Fair once before, and that was years ago… possibly even in Junior High. I’m not really into the rides and I am not a fan of large crowds of strangers.

That being said, I went to the Puyallup Fair on Sunday with my two roommates from Bellingham, Linnea and Leigh, and their two new roommates, Becky and Rachel. The four of them are now living in a house together while they are in the Americorps program with the local school district. I hadn’t seen Leigh since before she left for Africa and I hadn’t seen Linnea since our last “girls’ weekend” in Bellingham in July… so a mini reunion was very much over-due.

I forgot how HUGE the Puyallup Fair is! There were so many people and so much to see, do, and most importantly– EAT! The fair food was a major draw for our little group. The first order of business: eat scones. There is nothing like fair scones with raspberry jam… so good. The rest of the day was spent wandering around the fairgrounds, checking out the craft and hobby displays, admiring the animals…

…and being scammed into sitting through a loooong presentation about the Kitchen Craft waterless cooking system and their cookware products with the hope that we would win a raffle for their awesome slicer or their “gourmet cooker.” The presenter snagged us by telling everyone to make sure they had a seat, which were all numbered for the raffle. Being young, recent high school/college graduates with limited incomes, we were excited at the thought of winning something practical that we could actually use as opposed to the cheap fair prizes you had to pay an arm and a leg to even have a chance at “winning.” The presenter raffled two knives off that would cost about $30… and Becky won one of them! The presenter continued to tell people to make sure they had a seat for the raffle and that he would be “giving away” more stuff, like the slicer and cooker… so we stuck around, waiting in anticipation for the next raffled prize. At the end of the infomercial-like presentation, we realized that they were only giving them away if you bought one of the packages, the cheapest one costing about $1700… and that was the special fair price. We were slightly bitter that we were mislead into sticking around for the whole thing. So Becky took one of his pens.

Despite feeling as though we wasted our precious time at the Kitchan Craft presentation, we had a really great time at the fair. It was quite relaxing to just roam around the fair, people watch, and spend time with Leigh and Linnea again, and laugh at Becky and Rachel. (They are quite the comedic duo.)

This is one of the grange displays… I don’t remember which grange it was for. I was too busy taking in all the sights to take any pictures, but I wanted at least one to show for the day!

Saturday I went to Ocean Shores with my mom, sister, and my sister’s friend, plus three of our dogs. The dogs got totally covered in sand and were exhausted by the end of the day — a very good thing.

Friday I had my second day in the field– with no injuries! Well, other than my arms being covered with stinging nettle bumps.


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  1. mmmmmHmmmmm…. Puyallup Fair Scones! It really doesn’t get much better than those!

    I like that picture of the Grange. What a cool idea to do for the Sun.

    Let’s definitely catch up soon. I think my calendar will start clearing up now that fall is nearing.

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