Bellingham Beauty

I headed up to Bellingham Saturday afternoon to take some pictures for a friend who is now living in Omaha. He saw some of my pictures on facebook and liked what I did, so asked if I had any of Bellingham that he could buy prints of! I had some, but I wanted to make a trip up to B’ham to get some more. My first commissioned work! I was/am very excited and flattered that he wanted some of my pictures.

I didn’t get to B’ham until later Saturday evening, after stopping in Edmonds to pick up JP and then taking Chuckanut to watch the sunset over the islands. I am always amazed at the beauty of God’s creation whenever I take Chuckanut… or really, whenever I am in Bellingham/outside in the NW. Everywhere you go there is something beautiful to draw your eye!

Sunday morning I woke up early-ish and went down to take morning pictures in Fairhaven. It was a clear day, so the morning was nice and cool and the lighting was awesome. I got in a bunch of pictures before I left and met JP and some others at church. Afterward, JP, John D and I went to Boulevard Park to take pictures. It was a picture-packed day! We spent awhile wandering around the park, then made our way into Fairhaven to take more pictures. JP and John took me back to my car around 430p, and I went to the WWU campus by myself to take even more pictures! In total, I took around 380 pictures that day, give or take a bunch.

Needless to say, I haven’t been able to go through all of the pictures yet. I’ve only edited 8 or so… I have a ways to go. It is difficult for me to pick and choose which pictures are the best, and which are worth editing! It is quite the process for me, but well worth it in the end. Here are a few that I took on Sunday… I’ll probably post more when I get them edited.

A banner that was hanging outside of a store in Fairhaven, one of my favorite areas/communities in B’ham.
A metal “flower” outside of A Lot of Flowers, an awesome flower shop in Fairhaven.
“Wings of Love” inside an old phone booth in Fairhaven.
A neat lamp on the Wilson side of the WWU library.

These pictures are others that I thought my friend would like of the Bellingham area and WWU campus. A few of them were taken my sophomore year of college, and a few were taken more recently.
Old Main, WWU during the Thanksgiving snow storm of 2006.Old Main during fall.Looking through one of the sculptures in WWU’s Red Square.Sunset from Edens Hall, WWU looking over Nash Hall towards downtown B’ham.A fiddler in Fairhaven. One of my favorite pictures taken my sophomore year!Larrabee State Park, Bellingham at sunset.

It was a really great way to spend the weekend! Lots of great company, and I got to take a lot of pictures on a gorgeous day in an amazing area.

Work has taken me out into the field a few more times this past week, but I will save those little adventures for another post… and I’ll have some pictures of some of the streams we visited, too.


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  1. I so wish photography was one of my talents. I love all these pics! In fact I’ve been wanting to get some professional pictures taken of Addie, and if you have time (and if I can afford you!)I’d love to have you take some pictures of Addie when I come up to Washington.

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