breeding garbage carts

When I moved into my rental last month, my landlords had 4 WM “carts”: two were large garbage “carts,” one was for recycling plastics and the other was for recycling mixed paper. I am a single chica, and I don’t make that much waste on even a bi-weekly basis.

So I called the local Waste Management people and arranged to have the two garbage and one of the recycling carts taken away, and one smaller garbage “can” (not “cart”) delivered.

A couple of days later, a new generic recycling cart and a garbage can were delivered. Ok, cool, I’ll just keep the new ones and have all of the old carts taken away, right?

I put all of the old carts on the day the nice WM customer service lady told me to, and even wrote a friendly note to the WM pick-up people (I said things like “good morning,” “please” and “thank you”).

That night when I got home, not only were all of the old WM carts still there, but they had bred and produced another two new WM carts! And my nice, friendly, good-morning-please-and-thank-you note was laying sadly on the ground, covered in dirt and pine needles.

Now I have a total of EIGHT (8!) WM carts/cans. For ONE (1!) person. A little excessive? Perhaps.

I called WM again this afternoon. The customer service lady thought it was very entertaining and kept giggling while I tried to give her my address. She told me to write notes for each can/cart I want to be removed.

I think I am going to have at least 12 carts/cans by the end of next week.