Step One of Twelve: Acceptance

I’ve been in denial. I admit it.

I had been trying to hold onto summer for as long as I was able, refusing to believe that October was already here, and with it… FALL. The first day of October I wouldn’t listen to my mom’s remarks about the date, stating that it was in fact September 31. According to my interpretation of the calendar, today would be September 37, 2008. That’s a little extreme, even for a new type of “leap year.”

So I am taking the first steps towards “recovery”… acceptance.

I am accepting that it is Fall, and attempting to embrace it and all of its beauty.

I’ve been making soul-warming, comforting soups. I’ve been watching the leaves change from green to brilliant flame shades of yellow, orange, and red… wishing that I had my camera with me. (I am trying not to think about how dreary it will be when those pretty leaves fall and the skies are more often gray than crisp and blue.) I got out my crafty supplies and have started making Christmas cards, hoping that if I start early enough, I might not have to rush to finish and mail them off. I wear layers*… lots of layers… and I keep eying the nice, warm* looking sweaters in the stores (Eddie Bauer has a few that I’m thinking about). I’ve been doing all of this the last couple of weeks, but I was still trying (desperately) to ignore that it was obviously fall… until this morning.

I wore a scarf.* (With layers, of course… two long sleeved shirts and a down vest.)

Yup, it is now officially Fall. Nevermind that “they” say that the first day of Fall was September 22. I understand that September 22 is when the day and night are each 12 hours long and since then the days have been getting shorter and will continue to do so until December 21… blah blah blah.

To me, Fall is more of a state of mind than a date on the calendar or the location of the earth in relation to the sun. My Fall started when I began to appreciate the changing colors of the trees, pulled out my down vests and sweaters, and started making soup. I just didn’t choose to admit that my Fall had started until I wrapped my scarf around my neck this morning, and decided that I was glad that it was Fall. Now I want to go buy myself a couple new sweaters, maybe get some new yarn to try to knit something new… and I really want to go to a pumpkin patch.

I just hope it doesn’t snow any time soon.

*Ok, so another thing to admit… it’s really not THAT cold out yet. I’m just cheap. My little house is tucked back in the woods a bit and doesn’t get very much sun… and I have my thermostat things all around the house set to 40 degrees F. When I get up in the morning, my house is quite chilly and is more often than not colder than the outside air temperature. When I get dressed, I tend to dress for my house temp conditions as opposed to the actual weather conditions.

Another reason why I’ve been trying to postpone Fall… I’m a Fall birthday girl. I’ll be 24 pretty soon, which sounds so much more than 23, which in turn sounds so much more than 22. I feel like I’ve started to get older on a logarithmic scale. Or maybe a Richter scale? And yet I still feel so unprepared for life! I feel another rant/tangent/semi-freak-out coming on, so I’ll just end this for now and maybe save it for another post… :)


2 responses to “Step One of Twelve: Acceptance

  1. I agree. There’s something about 24 that seems so much more than 23. I think it’s because it’s considered mid-twenties instead of early twenties. Weird to be in your mid-twenties, huh?

  2. perfect! the 19th is great, but we’d have to be done by about 4:00 since we have to take Syd home. that should work out fine. if we could do it around 10:00 ish, that would be best. she usually naps at about 1:30 or so. but if 10 doesn’t work for you, we can do it closer to lunchtime.

    the garage is a great spot. they have 2 bars, food, lots of pool tables and two bowling alleys. the bowling isn’t very big, but it’s big enough. it’s not very cheap to bowl there, but it’s one of the last bowling places in the city and it’s a pretty nice one too. i’ll be happy to see you! and you can meet chris too.

    let me know if that timing on the 19th will work for you. and thanks in advance :) i’m already excited.

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