Nobody knows…

Great. Now I have that song that Zazu (the hornbill bird from The Lion King) sings when Scar has him captured in the cage of rib bones… “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen… Nobody knows my sorrow…” And then Scar yells at him so he starts singing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are all standing in a row…” Now I really want to watch some classic Disney movies…

Anywho. I’ve been tagged by Annaliese (my first tagging!) : Tell 6 things that nobody knows about you. This might take some thought… all of a sudden 6 seems like a big number.

Six Things Nobody Knows About Me

1. I always thought that it would be really cool to find a buried “treasure.” West Bremerton isn’t really the type of place that old rogues and pirates would bury their booty from sailing the wide open sea that I knew as the Puget Sound. My high hopes of finding treasure were not to be squashed by little things like geographic and historic facts… so I buried my own treasure. It was a red, wooden heart-shaped bank that I had filled with pennies and buried in the soft earth next to where we were building our house. I don’t remember how long my “treasure” stayed buried until I “found” it again… but I do remember being slightly excited about digging it back up.

2. A couple of the nicknames I’ve had in my life include Lumberjack Lou and ‘Squiter (pronounced “skeeter”). Lumberjack Lou was given to me in high school by Liz because I had beefy upper arms… I think it was from playing the cello. ‘Squiter was given to me by my co-internees during our internship a few summers ago when we were hiking and camping at Ross Lake. I was the most bothered by the mosquitoes… I would stand still, with my hands up and ready to smack any that came within arm’s reach or any that made the mistake of landing on me or my friends. I just really, really don’t like mosquitoes. Their buzzing makes me paranoid.

3. I like cemeteries. Especially old cemeteries… a lot of newer cemeteries are rather boring. I love the history associated with them, wondering what people’s lives were like, the emotions… I love taking pictures in old cemeteries. A single picture of a weathered cross-tombstone can speak of families, history, loss, hope, love, the passing of time, the connection of this generation to generations before us… and so much more. (I also love old architecture, churches, etc for similar reasons.)

4. I don’t swear. I say “darn,” but nothing stronger than that. (I even feel weird at dog shows and around dog people when I can’t just say “female dog.”) This probably isn’t really big news and may not qualify as “something that nobody knows about me” but I want to illustrate what exactly I mean: A couple of years ago, my sister and I were getting the holiday decorations down from the attic. The attic ladder folds in thirds up to the ceiling (if that makes sense). As I was pulling the ladder down, I placed my little thumb* near one of the hinges and then dropped the lower portion of the ladder… pretty much crushing the tip of my thumb. It hurt… a LOT. I didn’t yell or swear… I just held my thumb with my other hand in silence for a few seconds (kind of doubled over in pain) and then said “darn it.” My sister just laughed. Not because I was hurt, but because of my reaction. Then she gave me a few examples of what I SHOULD have said instead… (I told my some of my friends about what happened once I returned to school, and they still give me a bad time about it.)

5. I am sarcastic, but not in a cynical type of way. My mom says that I am “smart,” and I don’t mean in the book-smart, intelligent way in this context. Not everyone sees this side of me, and some people bring it out of me more than others. My friend Matt and I can have an entire conversation that is completely sarcastic and full of BS, and I end up laughing through most of it. It is a lot of fun for me to find someone I can “spar” with like I can with Matt and to find people who “get” that side of me, especially when they don’t initially expect it. :)

6. I like boxes. Pretty boxes, plastic storage boxes… nearly any kind of box… and baskets, too! It mostly boils down to the fact that I like to organize things and I like things to have their designated place. I get excited when JoAnn’s has their sales on plastic storage boxes and baskets… but I’m trying to be good and think about WHAT I am going to put IN the box/basket before I buy them. It’s difficult, but I’m doing well so far.

*My left thumb is about 1cm shorter than my right thumb. I thought about using this as one of my Six, but most people know about my thumbs already. It’s genetic… my grandmother’s are the same way. It just looks as though my left thumb was smooshed down a bit, because it is also slightly wider than my right thumb. It isn’t noticeable until I put my thumbs together to show people.


Ok not many people read this, and of those who do, some have already been tagged with this one. So I tag: Laura (if you haven’t done this already), Brandon/Crystal… and any random person who might chance upon my blog. :)


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