computer woes

I haven’t had a lot of time in the evenings at home this week, so I planned to set time aside yesterday to sit down and edit pictures, email some, post some, etc. I was really looking forward to it!

I managed to email a couple of pictures of Sara and Kyle’s wedding to another friend and I started editing Laura’s pictures. I worked for almost an hour doing the basic edits… nothing too fancy yet. Then as I was starting to add a little more “punch” to a couple of the pictures, my entire computer shut down. Just like that. Not just Adobe Photoshop… but EVERYTHING.

I tried to turn the computer back on, because this has happened before and usually I just lose what I was working on but it comes back on ok. Not this time. It would turn on, but it wouldn’t get past the black screen and at one point told me to insert the boot-up disc or something.

I tried a few other things after calling JP, and he said my best bet would be to get the real XP boot-up disc to try to repair the software. And then get a new computer.

I’m trying not to freak out about it too much and hope that if I can borrow an XP cd from someone, it will allow me to have enough time to back up all of my pictures (like I’ve been meaning to for the last 6+ months) and maybe save some music I’ve purchased from iTunes and not backed-up.

I hope I hope.

Thankfully the pictures I took for Laura are still on my camera… I hope.

JP also made me a list of computer parts from that are needed to build me a new computer. Considering computers get out-dated really fast and that I’ve had mine for about 4 years… it’s probably about time to really upgrade. I can salvage my monitor, my hard drives, and my video card… maybe some other parts as well. JP will be the one to build it for me, but I hope to help… or at least hand him the screw driver when he needs it.


2 responses to “computer woes

  1. I just commented it on your facebook. I think Ricky and I have xp floating around somewhere, he had gotten it for testing some game at microsoft. So anyways – no promises but I will rip though my software mess and see if I can locate it tonight.

    This is after I go see high school musical 3… it’s my sister’s birthday and somehow I got sucked into seeing it. Dumb. lol

  2. :( yuk. good luck. let me know if i can be of assistance even though i’m definitely not the IT guru.

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