"Happy" Halloween

Is it just me, or does it seem weird to wish someone a “Happy Halloween”? All history and meanings set aside, I feel like “Have a creepy Halloween” or a “Bountiful Halloween” (if you’re trick-or-treating) or an “Anonymous Halloween” (for those in costumes) might be more appropriate.

The last Halloween I remember trick-or-treating was… probably 8th grade or so… it was middle school or junior high anyway. I stayed the night at my friend Tomitka’s house with our other friend Stacey. We had planned on handing candy out to the neighbor kids and just hanging out, but then we decided to go out anyway. Of course we didn’t have any costumes, so we had to be creative. I don’t remember what they were dressed as, but I remember I was a lumberjack-type person. I wore Tomitka’s mom’s steel-toed work boots… and ended up having huge blisters on my ankles by the end of the night. It all seems so long ago!

When I was a kid, we used to go to my dad’s parents’ house or to his sister’s house for a family haunted house/Halloween party… and my mom would drive us all around town stopping at different friend’s and family members’ houses to trick-or-treat.

Now I like Halloween for its Fall-ness. I haven’t done anything to prepare for Halloween this year… no costumes, no candy to hand out. I’ll probably carve a pumpkin at my mom’s tonight… just because I can and my sister bought extra pumpkins. I’m more excited that it is Friday than that it is Halloween.

And I am even MORE excited that Tiffany was supposed to (and hopefully did) leave her XP back-up disc for me at my house so I can try to fix my computer this weekend! (Or at least get it to the point where I can back up all of my pictures and music.) I just hope that it works… and then maybe I can edit some of Laura’s pictures! I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, though.


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  1. Was any progress made with the PC?? I hope so. I had a computer crash once and I lost everything. I feel your pain.

    By the way, wanna come over for dinner maybe thursday night? Ricky’s video game he has been waiting for is coming out, so he will be downstairs and I will need some human interaction. LOL

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