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It’s probably not obvious. I’m not dressed all in black. I am reasonably chipper. (Yes, chipper… definiton 1: “marked by or being in sprightly good humor and health.”) But I am in mourning.

I am mourning the loss of nearly all of my pictures that had been on my computer. It physically pains me to think of the pictures that I don’t have anymore… and really it’s my own fault for not backing them up. I’ve been thinking about backing them up for quite awhile, but unfortunately thinking about something does not have the same results as doing something.The loss came about because of my computer woes mentioned earlier. Longish story short, my computer is now functioning (to a certain degree) but I ended up losing all of the data on my newer hard drive, which included all of my pictures except for one random folder that was on my desktop and the pictures that were still on my CF card in my camera.

In all reality, it could be worse.
I hadn’t erased my CF card after uploading the pictures to my computer the first time.
I had uploaded a bunch of pictures for scrapbooking over the last couple of years to Costco’s website, and they are still there.
I can order CDs of the pictures off of their website, at the same resolution as I uploaded them.
my mom has pictures of the puppies on her computer from when they were really little.
the music that I purchased from iTunes (and hadn’t backed up) wasn’t lost.
my computer is useable until I get a new one built so I can still edit the pictures for Laura and continue to take more pictures without worrying about the space on my CF cards.

So yes, it could be worse. For all of you who love to take pictures as much as I do, please learn from my mistakes and BACK UP YOUR PICTURES! (And music if you purchase cds digitally.) Don’t just plan and think about it like I did… but actually DO it. Back them up in more than one way if you can. I am planning on buying an external hard drive for pictures as well as putting them on cds after editing.


Quick recap of the weekend:
– Friday I worked on my computer and lost the pictures.
– Saturday I met up with a teacher from high school for coffee. It was nice to catch up, but depressing to hear how the school is (still) going down hill. Fast. Messed up philosophies on teaching, misusing and losing great teachers… makes me seriously consider homeschooling when it comes time for my future kids to be in school.
– Saturday we also went to Ikea… I wanted to get a chair, but ended up getting a mirror for over my fireplace. That place is so overwhelming.
– My mom bought a Wii. My sister and I played Saturday evening… too much fun. I beat her at golf… it was funny. We aren’t any good at baseball, but we had fun with tennis and bowling.
– Sunday I just stuck around the house, messed with the computer some more and then edited some pictures. It was a nice low-key day.

Here are some of the pictures I took of Laura and her trio a couple of weekends ago:

That was a great weekend indeed.


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  1. I actually thought I might my stomach might fall out of my body when I read all of your pictures are gone! have had that happen to me – so I feel your pain.

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