three goals minute

One Minute Writer: Write about three realistic goals you’d like to achieve in your lifetime.

What is the difference between a “goal” and a “dream“?
goal, noun: the result or achievement toward which effort is directed, aim, end
dream, noun: an aspiration, goal, aim… a wild or vain fancy

A goal is something that can be achieved through hard work and determination.
A dream is something that is less realistic and may focus more on pleasure and joy.

If it is your goal to backpack across Europe, you may be trying to test your endurance and your physical ability to backpack for long distances.
If it is your dream to backpack across Europe, then your focus may be less on the work involved in backpacking and more on the enjoyment of the experience.

Three realistic goals I would like to achieve in my lifetime:

1. Complete a half marathon
… Not necessarily run a half marathon, but just complete it. It’s more realistic that way.

2. Read at least a quarter of the
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die… That’s “only” about 250 books. If I were to read 1 a month for the next 50 years, I could potentially read 600. But that isn’t realistic. I’ve already read 20 of them… only 230 to go!! (See my “bookshelf” on my sidebar.)

3. Compile a family cookbook with my family’s favorite recipes, complete with pictures and notes
… This also goes along with scanning all of the family pictures to distribute to family members and other crafty-like projects. These may be borderline-realistic.

3.5 Knit a sweater
… I can do scarves, or anything rectangular. This might be more realistic than No. 3 so I thought I would include it.

Other goals/dreams… because sometimes it helps to write them down…

– Find a church to call “home,” invest myself in it and become involved.
– Get healthy and stay that way.
– Go on a photography expedition to Europe.
– Go to China.
– Go back to school and get my Masters in something.
– Learn how to crochet.
– Learn how to sew.
– Have an herb garden.
– Sign up for a CSA.
– Keep my office plants alive.
– Go hiking more often.
– Fillet a salmon… without cutting myself.

There are others, of course, but that’s a decent start.


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  1. Well if you’re looking for a church, I’ve got the perfect one for you … check out :) Seriously, though, you should come to church with me this Sunday. Unless you get sick of me and Addie with all the picture taking tomorrow!

  2. loving the goals.

    let me know if you’d like some info on the CSA. we did it last year and it was a so-so experience. i’m interested in doing it again, but will probably wait till spring to get signed up.

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