art and stamp galleries

I am in charge of finding trophies for our March dog show. They are usually not dog-themed. On Tuesday I decided to stop in downtown Poulsbo to check out a couple of the local art galleries. I didn’t have much time to explore what they had to offer since they all closed at 6pm, but I found some interesting possibilities. I love local art, so I am hoping to find something local to use.

The Potlatch Gallery had a lot of nice glasswork… plates, bowls, balls, vases… as well as some watercolors, hand painted tiles, and other awesome pieces. Paul Lewing is well known for his custom painted tile murals. I was looking at his wooden boxes and trivets of Northwest themed tiles.

I also really liked the Glass Eye Studio glass pieces I found at the Raven Blues gallery.

As I was leaving the Potlatch Gallery, I got sucked in by Rubber Soul, a stamping store. They don’t have much besides stamps and stamp-related things, but it was amazing. I often have trouble finding good stamps that inspire me to craft or make cards in the larger craft stores like Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics. I had a difficult time choosing what to allow myself to buy at Rubber Soul. It’s a very dangerous find. And even more dangerous is that you can shop online for their stamps and other goodies! I am QUITE excited.

I ended up getting a set of clear Christmas stamps and an acrylic block. When I got home, I made two Christmas cards with my new stamps. Yeah, only two… for now. It takes me time to figure out what I want to do for each card. I’m thinking about trying to make 5 designs or so that I really like, and then make multiples of those designs to send out this year instead of trying to make them ALL different. This way maybe I’ll actually finish and get them all sent out before Christmas!
If anyone wants to come over for tea and card making, let me know and we can make a date. Or two. :) Scrapbooking is always an option, too… I’m way behind on projects I’ve already started and I keep thinking of more I want to do!

Speaking of projects…

You know how some old diners and other establishments have autographed black and white pictures of celebrities hanging on their walls? I want to do something like that, but with my friends and family. I want to either get or take their “head shots,” print them as 8×10’s, and have them “autograph” them for me. I was thinking about taking it to another “level” by scanning the autographed pictures and putting them together in a book from Blurb or some other such place. (Laura introduced me to Blurb, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet… it is on my list of things to do once I get my new computer up and running.) I think it would be cool.