hooray, hooray!

I have a working computer again!! I purchased the parts last weekend and then took my old computer along with all of the new parts up to Bellingham so JP could build it for me on Saturday. I haven’t done much with it yet… I started the long process of reloading all of my music into iTunes and caught up on a couple of The Office episodes that I missed over the last couple of weeks. So far I love it! It is so much faster than my old one!! I have to get used to using Vista instead of XP, but it’s not too bad. I also have trial versions of Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom to play with…

I am hoping to edit some pictures this week, but it is hard to say how much time I will really have between working and getting ready for Thanksgiving. I just realized that Laura’s pictures are on the CF card that JP still has in B’ham… hopefully I will get it from him soon so I can finish editing those pictures, too.

I am making pies for Thanksgiving. I’ve made pies for the last… I don’t even know how many years. Sometimes my dad helps me, but he’s still gone for work so I’ll probably be doing them by myself. At least one apple… other than that I’m not too sure. We get set in our ways about what we expect to have at Thanksgiving, so often times something new and different is unacceptable if it is too far from the “traditional” foods. It is a fine line. I’ll make a traditional apple pie, 2 pumpkin (because a single can of pumpkin mush is enough for 2 pies… that kind of bugs me but oh well) and then maybe something “different” so I can try making something new for fun. An apple tart might be fun… or… ???

I am really, really glad that it is a short work week! My weekend was great, but exhausting. (I didn’t get home from B’ham on Saturday until 2:30am!) I’ll rest up this week and probably have another exhausting weekend after Thanksgiving… just thinking about it all makes me want a nap.


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  1. you could always throw some cream cheese in one of those pumpkin pies :) pumpkin cheesecake is always a winner.

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