haiku minute

One Minute Writer: Close your eyes; turn around; and open your eyes. Write a haiku about the first thing your eyes see.

a wall full of maps
Olympic Peninsula
my home and backyard

chest waders hung up
wading boots set out to dry
waiting to hike streams

This tells me I need to add more personal touches to my office… While I do love the 30×60 minute topo maps of the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound that cover the wall behind me, they have been a part of this office longer than I have.

I have changed very little in my office. I added a 7.5 minute topo map of the northern portion of Ross Lake in the North Cascades that was used during my college internship, two plants that I have somehow kept alive, I rearranged my desk a bit, and got a new computer. Oh, and I have my little stash of Bath and Body Works hand lotions (because the soap here really dries out my hands) and a few single-serving bags of Folgers coffee (because the coffee used here is less than drinkable). I haven’t put up any personal photos, which is very strange if you know me at all.

And the bird wing is still pinned to the bulletin board. I don’t know what kind of bird it is from or how it came to be there. It’s only about 4 inches long, dark brown with some white spots.

I suppose I’ve been here long enough I should add some more personal touches.