Happy Birthday <3

On this day 24 years ago, my dear friend John was born. He’s pretty awesome. So I decided to do a photo-tribute to him in honor of his increasing age…

The following pictures span from our first year as RAs in 2005 together to last New Year’s.

1. Ryan Stiles came to campus and John’s friend had extra tickets so we got to go! Even though I think I was mad at him at the time, it is still a great memory. 2. John used to have long hair. He donated it to locks of love. 3. End of the year banquet for ResLife the year we were in E/H… with my Buddy, Nathan. 4. Big Spoon and John at our Fairhaven end of the year mini retreat. 5. John and I at Tim Horton’s after one of many late night sushi trips. 6. Kelly, John, and I. Two of my loves. 7. John throws rocks. 8. Me as my “alter ego” and John as “Dwight” for New Year’s last year. 9. SUSHI! 10. Pound. 11. End of the year ResLife banquet after our year in Fairhaven. 12. John broke one of my stress balls. Then he broke my other stress ball. 13. John’s go-to pose. He’s kinda known for it. 14. We graduated college.

To say that John and I have been through a lot together and seen each other through a lot is a bit of an understatement. He is one of my very best friends. There isn’t anything I could say that would accurately describe how much he means to me. In this case I am thankful that he knows me better than I know myself sometimes, so I don’t need to try to explain… because he already understands.

John, thank you for that one time and all of those other times. I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything.

Oh, and Happy Birthday. <3^<3


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  1. So I just saw this.

    It made me incredibly happy.

    You are far to kind and cute.

    <3 x Infinity for ever!

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