just a quick one

This has been a very event-filled week. Well, mostly just one event that filled the whole week.

I got rear-ended on my home from work on Monday. I was stopped in my little car, he was going about 35mph in a large pick-up type truck. I spent a few hours in the ER for a neck sprain and my car just got declared “totaled” by the insurance companies. I took off most of the week from work because of my neck/back and the drugs they gave me make me a little loopy/drowsy. (I stayed at my mom’s place most of the week so I could be warm and fed. Haha.) I am doing much better now, though. I need to start looking for a replacement car… something with decent to good miles/gallon ratings, that I can fit Taylor’s dog crate in, 4-door, and that you don’t have to crawl in and out of. (Some compact cars are so low it’s awkward to get out of them…)

And of course this all happens the week before I’m going to the Bahamas. I’m still going, of course! We leave tomorrow night… I am a little stressed (ok, a lot) since I had things I needed to do this week but the meds made it hard to focus and get anything accomplished. I am getting more and more excited for our trip as it gets closer.

I’ll be sure to post Bahama pictures when I get back. :)


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  1. So where’s those Bahamas pictures? You can’t go on a vacation like that and not blog about it!

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