wannabe electrician

Before I moved into my rental, I found a stacked W/D for sale on craigslist, and bought it knowing that my place would eventually get hook-ups. My place is rather small, so I had to store the W/D in my parents’ garage.

It took a few months to get the right electrical outlet installed, and then to get the plumbing set up. (A friend from high school ended up doing the plumbing!)

But the W/D still sat in my parents’ garage.

I was waiting on my landlords to see if they were going to get the wall patched up and one of the outlet boxes moved…

But on Saturday my mom called and told me they were coming over with the W/D… so I better get out of bed. My dad and my neighbor got the W/D into the house… and then we discovered that the W/D had a 3-prong power cord and I had a 4-hole outlet. Ugh. So close!

Mom and I bought a new cord, and I installed it by myself (with only 3 calls to my dad with questions)… but the outlet was upside down and the cord was too short to bend to fit. Ugh #2!

So my mom bought me another, longer cord, which I installed (with no calls to dad)… the cord reached to the outlet… but the W/D wouldn’t turn on! Ugh #3!! And somehow I ended up with multiple cuts on my hands… huh.

Last night my dad mentioned something about the fuse box and turning the circuit on…

The washer and dryer work now. :)

I am super excited to do laundry at my own place! Sad, I know. It’s the small things… right?

In other news…
– I got a car to replace my totaled Echo. It’s a 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara. My sis says it’s a “mom car” but whatever. It has 4WD, heated seats, fits my dog… and other awesome features. So it works for me!
– I forgot to mention… when we got back to my house from the Bahamas, I walked in to find a decorated Christmas tree! My parents bought me a tree and put a few HUGE lawn ornaments on it. It made me happy. :)
– It’s raining buckets here and flooding is already a major problem in some areas! Please keep everyone affected by the floods in your thoughts and prayers! They’ve been saying that this year’s flooding may be worse than last year in some areas… and last year was pretty bad.