so excited!

I’ve been SUPER busy these last few weeks, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon… but it is busy with all good, positive things!

Tonight I am going to go see The Lion King at the Paramount with my sis, mom, aunt, and cousins. I am soooo excited! My sister has been singing songs from the movie all week in preparation. (I was just surprised she knew all the words to “I can’t wait to be king” that JTT sang!)

Speaking of JTT… Jonathan Taylor Thomas… does anyone else remember him being such a HUGE deal in elementary school?? Whatever happened to him?


The other exciting, and very big, thing that I’m looking forward to this weekend is my cousin’s (Micah’s) wedding! I can’t believe he’s getting married. He is 16 days younger than me and his sister is just a few months older than my sister so our families spent a lot of time together. I even dedicated a book to him that I wrote in 2nd grade. Yeah, we’re THAT close. I love him lots and I am soooo happy for him and his soon-to-be wife. They are having an awesome photographer that Megan went to high school with do their pics, and they had her take some engagement pictures, too. I’m looking forward to seeing what she gets at the wedding.

I still need to figure out what I’m going to wear, though… hmm.

Next weekend is our dog show, so we’re all scrambling to finish up the odds and ends to get ready to put it on. The entries are down a lot from last year, which sucks, but is understandable considering the state of the economy.

Then the weekend after that… mom and I are leaving for our Baja sea kayaking trip!! (I don’t even want to start to think of all the things I should be doing to get ready for THAT! Yikes.)

AND Switchfoot is making a new CD! (I just got the email…)


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  1. Hope you enjoyed the Lion King. You’ll have to tell me what you thought. Have fun at the wedding this weekend. I hope it’s planned indoors!

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