sunny Sunday + baby bump

On Sunday I had the privilege of taking some maternity pictures with Laura and her baby bump, Miles, at the Fay Bainbridge State Park on Bainbridge Island. We were planning on visiting the Bloedel Reserve, but decided it involved too much walking. The Park turned out to be a great alternative! (Although someday I want to go to the Reserve to take pictures… the Reflection and Japanese Gardens are just calling my name!)

The weather was great… not too bright with a wonderful sea breeze. Perfect for us PNW gals!

It kind of goes without mentioning, but I will anyway… Laura is a beautiful pregnant woman! I had so much fun chatting with her, talking about all of the “fun” parts of being pregnant, and just enjoying her company in general. Oh, and I took a few pictures, too.

Laura K

{want to see more? Go to my Photography page for “Laura K’s Baby Bump“!}

Laura also introduced me to an awesome yarn and tea shop in downtown Winslow before I took her to the ferry… it’s a very dangerous store. {Churchmouse} Now I just need to find a knitting project to work on so I can get some neat yarn to play with…

I’m thinking about trying to make a scarf using the linen stitch. I’ve never tried the stitch before, so I figure a scarf is a simple place to start to get some good practice.


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  1. thank you thank you thank you!
    let me know when you’re available so we can get together again and exchange.
    have a good week!

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