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I’ve been neglecting my blog lately… will some pictures make it better?

I hope so.

Tay05Taylor is just too stinkin’ cute.

TrilliumThese trilliums were blooming all around outside my house. I’ve never seen so many in a person’s yard/garden!

I went up to Bellingham over the weekend to celebrate my friends’ engagement! (She had no idea it was coming… we’re all {mostly} great secret-keepers! Although it may have helped that she lives in Cheney, and we are all spread out around the state…) I am soooooo happy for them! The wedding won’t be for another year or two, but I am already looking forward to it!

While I was up there, I also helped JP out with an engagement photo session and then we stopped at a little park area and I took a few pictures of JP and his girlfried, Anna. It is rare that JP is the subject of a shoot instead of the one doing the shooting. I put just a few of the pictures on my Couples photography page… more may be added once I get time to do some more editing.

Tonight I get to see Laura K to give her the maternity pics I took last month, and we’ve also invited some of our other girl friends to join us! I’m really looking forward to seeing them all. And I am so excited that Laura is moving to Bainbridge Island!

Speaking of moving… I’m back to thinking about buying a house. Nothing definite yet, but as more and more issues arise with my rental and intriguing incentives keep popping up with the housing market the way it is… well, I can’t help myself but to look to see what is out there and to wonder if I can make it happen. If it DOES happen… I am sure that I will be making posts of all of my home-ownership adventures. :)


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  1. The real fun of buying a house is the house hunting. I just love seeing all the different houses out there and how people have them designed (or mutilated).

  2. Thank you SOOo much for the maternity photos. I got to look at them this morning. They’re wonderful :) Now I have to think of exactly what I want to do with them….

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