dangerous sites

Not only am I looking at homes to buy, but now I’ve expanded the possibilities (and decisions– yuck) by considering building a house. {Emphasis on considering…}

I like the idea of building because I can buy land in an area I like (and there’s a lot of places available right now) and make the house just how I want it. The thing I don’t like is that there isn’t a fixed price on building my own house… and every little thing costs money. Thankfully I have “connections” so I’d be able to get a good deal on labor costs (my dad :) ) but still. The “unknown” factor is a little scary.

Two awesome {and dangerous} sites that I came across are HousePlans and HomePlans. I haven’t looked at HomePlans too much yet, but they are both databases for house plans. You can choose how many bedrooms, bathrooms, if you want an island in the kitchen, vaulted ceilings, garages, what style of house, etc… and then it gives you a bunch of different house plans to look at. There are also tools to customize the plans! Of course getting the plans costs money, but for the planning/dreaming stage both sites are awesome resources.

I’ve been looking at the farm house and cottages with vaulted ceilings. Some of them are just too cute! I like the plans that have pictures of the actual house, but I haven’t found too many that do.

I am meeting with a lady my mom knows (a friend of a friend) who is a real estate agent tonight… should be interesting, although also overwhelming.

Oh, and another good site {but not really “dangerous”} is the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. They have classes for first-time home buyers and a lot of other great information and resources.