Travel: Baja

Loreto Blankets -1-{I love the colors in this photo}

I decided to make a photography page for my traveling adventures because:

– I was getting burned out on writing about my Baja trip (it is still a WIP, and I’ll need to edit it… a LOT… it’s lengthy and even I wouldn’t want to read it at this point)

– There are a lot of great pictures from the Baja trip that I think should be showcased through my Photography page

– And finally, my Baja trip was about 2 months ago now and I feel like a slacker for not having ANYTHING up in my blog about it…

Sooo… I have some of my favorite photos up now! If you’re my “friend” on facebook, you’ve probably already seen them. If not, check them out here {Travel} and click the “Baja, 2009” link. But only if you want to.

Hopefully I’ll be able to go on some more grand adventures/travels and my Travel photography page will grow. I may have to stretch my definition of “Travel,” though… like, to Bellingham… or Seattle.