sippy cups– for adults!

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly a sippy cup, but it might as well be! My mom found these Contigo stainless steel mugs at Costco awhile ago, and they are amazing…

ContigoMug{Mine is in red though, of course.}

You see, I have a bit of a spilling problem. A friend of mine, Mr John W, once threatened to make me use our friends’ daughter’s sippy cup… and my mom tends to “suggest” that I put on one of my dad’s old flannel shirts before we eat spaghetti.

Then the Contigo mug came into my life! And while I still tend to spill, the opportunities for spillage have greatly reduced.

The Contigo has AUTOSEAL… which basically means that the mug is closed until you bring it to your lips and press the AUTOSEAL button seen in the image above. Not only does it prevent accidental spillage, but it also keeps hot things hot/warm and cold things cold for HOURS. Seriously. I’ll make tea in the morning before leaving for work, and if I’m drinking it unusually slow… it will still be pleasantly warm in the afternoon. Oh, and I put 3 ice cubes in it, too, because it wouldn’t cool fast enough otherwise. (I hate burning my tongue… definitely one of the worst things ever.)

The Contigo people also make water bottles and kids’ mugs with AUTOSEAL.

I haven’t seen them at Costco lately, but keep your eye out… Costco’s inventory changes all the time so you never know when you might see these again! I think that you could get a pack of 2 for around $20. {I’ve also seen them at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks, but probably for more moo-lah.}


2 responses to “sippy cups– for adults!

  1. OH. My. GOSH. Someone followed me around for a day, saw how many things I spilled and must have invented this just for me! :-). I know that really didn’t happen – but I NEED ONE OF THESE! I think I am going to order the green one! :-)

    • I really like the green one, too! They are amazing, seriously. I usually tip my mug over above the sink to make sure that I have the top screwed on correctly… and sometimes the stream builds up too much and the top pops off when it’s upside-down! That’s probably the only “bad” thing I can say about them, and it’s really my fault. (It happened again this morning…) Carbonated beverages probably wouldn’t work too well in them for the same reason.

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