more herbs, please

I planted some herb seeds a few weeks ago, and I’ve really enjoyed watching them sprout and grow! They are starting to out-grow their little “greenhouse” container, though, so this weekend’s mission will be to find appropriate (and hopefully inexpensive) containers to transplant them to.

I bought a Jiffy All-in-One greenhouse kit from Fred Meyer, plus seeds for basil, oregano, thyme, and mint.

Jiffy Greenhouse

The little soil pellets expand when you add water to them, and then you just add a couple of seeds to each one! I’m not confident in my ability to keep plants alive, so I put in more seeds than was necessary. Herb seeds are so, so tiny that it was difficult to get just one or two and then I couldn’t tell if they made it into the soil thing! Now some of the little soil things have a few more plants in them than they should… oh well. (Except for one… just ONE of the soil things doesn’t have anything growing in it.)

I chose to do mint, oregano, and thyme because they are all perennials, and basil because I just love it! I planted 2 rows of the basil and just one of the others. If I am able to separate them without killing them, I’ll still have lots of extras of the perennials. Either way I should probably thin out the “weaker” plants… right?

I think I’m exposing my lack of a green-thumb…

I can’t wait for them to grow to the point where I can actually USE them. Maybe I’ll get myself a couple of tomato plants, too, and I can have fresh caprese salad!

Note to Self: Find a house with lots of sun for future gardens. And a yard for goats.


2 responses to “more herbs, please

  1. Be careful with mint, I planted some and it grew like crazy. But I love that smell when I walk past mint, so I couldn’t bring myself to cut it back any. I never actually even used any mint come to think of it…

    • Thanks for the tip about the mint!! I transplanted them over the weekend… and at this point I think I am more concerned about the little plants just surviving. (I think I transplanted too early for some of the starts… they’re still really small.) I’m already having fantasies about mint and cucumber infused water for those (rare) hot days this summer…

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