Baja collage

Happy Place

I ordered this 11×14 collage poster from Snapfish. It’s made up of some of my favorite pictures from my Baja trip, and it is now proudly displayed in my office. The only reason I ordered it was because I had a free credit for a collage print {I had to pay S&H}.

The poster printed quite nicely. The quality was better than I expected! I don’t know if I’ll pay $6.99 for one, but I’m cheap like that. I’ll definitely take advantage if I ever get more “free credits.”

I do love looking up and seeing those pictures, though. It’s like my own little {quick} escape to my “happy place.” And it’s nice that I didn’t have to put up 25 individual photos… that would have been a lot of thumbtacks.

There are soooo many online photo storage sites now… I got Snapfish because that’s how our Baja group decided to share photos. While the prints and the poster I ordered were nice and I was happy with the quality, I also ordered a CD of my friend’s photos… and it was ridiculously priced.

It was about $10 for the first 50 pictures, then $10 for each additional set of 150 photos… for the 146 pictures I selected to save from my friends, it cost me $23 and change.

To compare: photo disks from Costco are about $3 each.

Costco’s 11×14 collage prints are only $2.99, although I haven’t seen them in person so I don’t know about the quality.

{As with all things with Costco, the downside is that you need a Costco membership to take advantage of their awesome prices.}