Liz lurves Justin

Liz & Justin -14-

I went to Seattle on Saturday to hang out with Liz and Justin and to take some engagement pictures for them. Liz is one of my best friends from high school and we both went to Western where she met Justin.

First we headed to Gasworks Park and took some shots there.  Justin had to go to work, but we were able to meet up with him during his lunch break and take a few more pictures before Liz and I went to dinner.

Liz & Justin -7-

On our way to dinner, we saw an old homeless man chillin on the sidewalk.

Homeless man: “Hey pretty ladies!”

Us: Nothing, then crossed the street…

HM: “I’m a lesbian… I don’t like men!”

Us: Trying to hold in the laughter.

What we SHOULD have said: “We are too!”

Ah, good times in Seattle…


Liz and Justin are a bit blurry in this picture, but I love their expressions so I tried a little creative editing… I might play with it a bit more when I have time.

There was a wedding party at Gasworks while we were wandering around. I even got them in the background of some of the pictures while we were playing in the arches. It’s kind of like foreshadowing… in just a bit over 3 months that will be Liz and Justin! Crazy awesomeness.

I put some of their pictures up on my Photography page. They have their own gallery {Liz lurves Justin} and I put a few on the Couples page, too. {The pictures on the Couples page are also in their gallery.}

I had a lot of fun with them and I can’t wait for Liz’s bridal shower and their wedding! Even though I’m the MOH I’ll probably still manage to take a lot of pictures at the wedding… somehow. :)


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