family graduations

Two of my cousins graduated this weekend. One from high school and the other from college.


My family and I went to Nate’s graduation yesterday. The seniors randomly draw rows, and Nate got the front row for his family! There were too many of us to all sit there, though, so some of us claimed prime seats on the bleachers.



One of the school’s traditions is for the graduating seniors to hand out roses to those they appreciate and who have helped them succeed throughout their grade school years.



Nate has such an awesome smile.


They moved their tassels and tossed their caps.


And there was even confetti! {My high school didn’t let us toss our caps. I suppose less than 30 caps in the air isn’t as dangerous as 300… or however big my graduating class was.}


Nate’s oldest sister, Abby, graduated from SPU today but I wasn’t able to make it over there for the ceremony and festivities. I am so proud of them both and love them very, very much!

Congrats to all of the other grads out there, and their families!


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  1. I went to this year’s high school graduation (Bremerton – Ricky’s borther graduated) and they totally threw their caps!! I was jealous haha.

    • What?! Not fair! If they’re going to make such a big deal about not letting us toss our caps because someone’s eye might get poked out, they should at least stick to their story.

      Definitely NOT bitter. ;)

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