JT’s Guns and Roses

My friend got an awesome black & white tattoo on her back in honor of her grandfather…


Usually when I take pictures of people I try to make the person look the best, taking special care with their skin tone and what THEY might see as imperfections… since everyone is always their own worst critic. This was a fun change because the skin tone was the least important feature and I was trying to make the art of the tattoo shine as much as possible.

She wanted a black & white picture of her tattoo to print, but I couldn’t resist playing with the tattoo in Photoshop a bit and add my own color.


I just made a new layer over the image; set the layer opacity to 25% or so; painted in the green leaves, red flowers, and brown grips; and then went back and erased the color over the outlines to bring out the black and define the edges. I can see a few places where I should have erased that I missed… but overall I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I just hope she likes them, too!