Ashley’s bridal shower

AshleyBridal_LQ-16Ashley and Davin are getting married in 28 days!

{from the date of the shower… now it’s more like 24 days}

I was able to attend Ashley’s shower on Saturday with our friend {“the other”} Sara. When we arrived, we heard someone exclaim “it’s the Sara(h)s!” which made me smile… just like old times.

Just as I’ll always be “Sarah B.” :)

I took my camera with me to capture some of the details of the party. I wasn’t there to take pictures, so I didn’t take as many as I would as “the photographer.” I forget that not everyone has seen my photos online through facebook, my blog, or other means… so they were a bit surprised at how nicely they turned out just in the camera without any of my post-processing. Ashley then asked if I would take some pictures of a few specific things, and of course I obliged…

“Love is patient, love is kind…”AshleyBridal_LQ-4

We played “Guess the Year of the Dress.” I was terrible at it… I got 2 right, but several of my wrong ones were only off by one decade. The dresses were from 1890 to 2000, and there was one dress per decade. It was a new twist on some old Bridal shower games {such as “Guess the age of the Bride”}.AshleyBridal_LQ-18

We also played “Bridal Pictionary” which I ROCKED at. We played in teams: Married vs. Single/Unmarried. The Singles won, and I got the most correct guesses so I got a prize! {Two dish towels and a pig-shaped cutting board, which is PERFECT for me since I needed new towels and I just happen to collect piggy-things!}

Ashley’s mom had to draw this below… can you tell what it is supposed to be?AshleyBridal_LQ-21

We gave “Advice” to the Bride and Groom.AshleyBridal_LQ-9

This was one of my favorites:AshleyBridal_LQ-35

Davin’s Aunts made an adorable cake. I believe they are also doing the wedding cake/cupcakes. The flowers match the pattern of their wedding invitations.AshleyBridal_LQ-24

Ashley has been collecting old Ball canning jars from antique stores and they are going to use them for the wedding centerpieces. She also used them around at the shower. They make me want to go “antiquing” to see what treasures I might find!AshleyBridal_LQ-11

Isn’t the aqua color just awesome?AshleyBridal_LQ-37

Oh, and people were there, too.

The high school friends: Sara M, Ashley, Me (Sarah B!), and StaceyAshleyBridal_LQ-50

The sisters! Chelsea and AshleyAshleyBridal_LQ-59

The sisters with Mom, ValerieAshleyBridal_LQ-61


It was crazy-straw fun.AshleyBridal_LQ-65

I’ll be joining Ashley and her bridesmaids the day of the wedding to get some photos of them as they get ready for the ceremony, much as I did for Sara when she and Kyle got married last May.