just keep swimming…

It’s been crazy busy lately, hence the lack of posts. I like to post with pictures and I haven’t had time to process pictures… so no posting.

But I figure I should write a quickie for those of you who do stop by… and I heart you all for it!

And now for some bullets:

— I’ve been house hunting! I looked at 5 different houses on Friday, then took The Dad to look at two of them again on Sunday. None of them were winners, so the search continues. It’s all still a great learning experience {I’ve been saying/hearing that way too much lately} and I did see some things I really liked. Like farm sinks. I’m in love with farm sinks. {Click the picture to go to the Country Living site where I found it.}

farmsink— I’ve been getting things together for Liz’s bridal shower… I can’t believe it is nearly here already! And I still have so much to do! {I’m trying not to think of it too much and just tackle one thing at a time.}

— My plumbing got bad. When I washed dishes, it would back up into my bath tub. When I did laundry, it would overflow {I stopped trying about 2 months ago.} When I showered, it would take forever to drain. My landlords finally got back to me about it and got a plumber out there on Thursday night. He couldn’t fix it then, so he came back Friday morning. After 2 hours, it was back to normal! Over the weekend I did dishes, multiple loads of laundry, showered… all with no problems! Yay!

— Friday evening I went to the 3rd of July fireworks in Poulsbo with Jess B, Holli + family. It was great fun even though it took my over an hour to get out of downtown Poulsbo. Pictures to come.

— July 4th my parents and I went out to a friend’s place on Mission Lake to eat, swim the boys, and watch fireworks. I was a bit zombie-like so it was nice to relax. I made some cake ball truffles which were a big hit. {I forgot to mention that I stayed up until 2am after getting home from Poulsbo to finished the truffles…} Pictures to come.

I hope everyone had a fun, safe July 4th weekend!