just another fish tale

I think that this is going to be one of those times that is going to be really funny in the future.

And it just really makes us appreciate how good we have had it in the past and how lucky we are that things didn’t end up any worse than they did.

Update on the boat engine: It’s not exactly working. But of course The Dad isn’t completely sure what’s wrong with it. He’s hoping that it’s “just electrical.” I listened to him tell the tale, and Fishing Bud #1 tell the tale… and what I got out of it is that they tried messing with the parts {without having any spares on hand}, broke/dropped one of the spark plugs, something was corroded… The boat would “run” but not well, and probably shouldn’t have been.

Worst case scenario: buy a new engine.

Update on The Dad: So they {somehow} made it out to the fishing camp on the bad engine. Fishing Bud #2 stayed at the cabin while The Dad and Fishing Bud #1 went back to the launch {4 hours away on the outboard motor} to get spare spark plugs for the engine. Some nice fellas came by and asked if they needed any help. They were also on their way to the launch so they took Fishing Bud #1 with them so he could get there faster, get parts etc while The Dad puttered his way into the launch.

The Dad was preparing to dock the boat when he stepped into the walk-around, lost his balance and fell to the dock. The walk-around is a path around the cabin of the boat with a ledge on the outside edge. While his body twisted and fell, his ankle stayed put in the walk-around. A bad twist on top of previous injuries and issues with ankles… well, it wasn’t good to say the least.

The Dad’s ankle swelled up a ton and bruised like crazy. Everyone that saw it agreed that it was probably broken.

They stayed up there and fished.

They didn’t limit and had to fish hard to get they few they kept, but they did catch salmon, saw lots of eagles and bears, and made it home without any major blood loss.

{Have you heard about the time The Dad filleted his pinky finger? Or about when the trailer chain broke when we were taking the boat out of the water and I fell off the dock trying to hold onto the boat? Yeah, we’ve had a few adventures in the past…}

In future fishing trips, this will be the year that The Dad almost broke his ankle. Next year his ankle will be swollen to the size of a football… the next year to the size of a basketball… then a beach ball…

But that’s how all good fish tales grow go.

Oh, The Dad did manage to bring in a 36 lb King. Not too shabby. {Nice, but still sucks when you hear that some guys fishing the outside came in with a 46 lb King. But that’s why there’s always next year…}