Yay, Tay!

I’m a proud puppy momma.

This weekend my mom and I took our boys up to the Hurricane Kennel Club dog show in Sequim. There were four Tollers entered: our two boys in the 12-18 month dog puppy class, a girl in a class (don’t remember which one), and a champion dog. The girl is two 3-point majors away from being a champion herself.

On Saturday my mom’s Sunny took Winner’s Dog (the best of the class dogs), Best of Winners (between him and the one class girl) and Best of Breed!

Then on Sunday, my Taylor took WD, BOW, and BOB for his first point!

This is especially exciting because not only were we competing against other dogs, but dogs that are champions or nearly champions.

My mom made us stay for Groups… I was hesitant since I barely know what I’m doing in the ring and there are a LOT of professional handlers in the Group ring. We didn’t place… but I didn’t fall, I think I pulled off looking somewhat competant, and Taylor let the judge go over him without a fuss! So it was still a success in my book.

DogShow 001This is Riot, our blue merle Australian Shepherd. She really wanted to go with us and kept jumping into the car and laying in the crate.

DogShow 011In the ring for Best of Breed.

DogShow 015In the Group ring, trying to get Tay to look pretty for the judge.

DogShow 016It was hot, I was fried, and we were both exhausted… and then we had to run around the ring.

DogShow 017Some of the Sporting dogs lined up one last time for the judge to examine. {In front of us is the English Springer Spaniel and then the Spinone Italiano. Behind us is the Clumber Spaniel and then one of the Cocker Spaniels. There are a lot more not shown here, of course.}

I don’t want to bore anyone with my interpretations of how dog shows work or what exactly some of these things mean, but if you’re curious, check out the “How a Dog Show Works” section in the AKC’s Beginner’s Guide to Conformation.