from NY

It’s about 11am Eastern Time. My flight isn’t until 5pm… and my friends have already left. So I sit in the hotel lobby, trying to think of what I’ll do for the six hours before my flight.

Thankfully they have a computer with internet that I can monopolize for a short amount of time before I catch a shuttle to the airport.

My trip out here has been awesome. I’m definitely glad that I came! It’s been a lot of travel for one weekend, but it was totally worth it to see Big Spoon get married to his Little Spoon.

I got to hang out with Casee and Wilkins, too, which was amazing. Somewhat sad that we had to travel to the east coast to see one another since the three of us live in Washington State, but I take what I can get, when I can get it.

I took less than 400 pictures, which isn’t much for me. It would have been a lot more but I was only “responsible” for the ceremony itself. I would have loved to get pictures of the ladies getting ready, but that didn’t happen. It’s hard to really tell how they turned out just from looking at the DSLR LCD screen, but I think I got some good ones. {I’ll be sharing soon. Packing the house can wait.}

The best part of the weekend was seeing Big Spoon so happy. I can make myself tear up again just thinking about it… so I’ll stop. For now.

I’ll share more of the weekend activities once I get some pictures edited and whatnot.