Jeff loves May

Alternative titles for this post include, but are not limited to:

Every Big Spoon Needs a Little Spoon

Big Spoon Found His Little Spoon

The Internet Is Not Just for Mail Order Brides

But I think the title of Jeff loves May cuts right to the core of the matter… after all, love is what it’s all about.

After a series of flights, I arrived in Ithaca bright and early Saturday morning… and then met John and Casee at our hotel where we all took a nap. It was lovely.

We dragged ourselves out of bed to explore downtown Ithaca a little bit, grab some dinner, and then walked up to Big Spoon and May’s place for a bonfire get-together. I saw fireflies for the first time… and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Meeting their friends and families and meeting May for the first time was worth the blood loss.

Sunday was the big day.

After saying hello to Big Spoon and his brother {who looked sharp in their suits}, John and Casee took their seats and unleashed me to wander the property to get some snapshots of the preparations before it was full of people.

JM_02The programs were made into fans, which were used by the guests to stay cool in the heat and humidity as well as to keep the bugs away.


JM_03The aisle was pre-sprinkled with flower petals.


May put a lot of care into planning every detail of the wedding and the decorations, and it showed! Every detail seen in the pictures were from the hands of May.

JM_14These little packets were full of sunflower seeds for the guests, and also served as the table assignments. I can’t wait to plant mine!

JM_15Each table had a bouquet of a single hue that coordinated with the table number sign.

Big Spoon’s mother and her family took care of the food and cake… and it was all delicious! Ribs, corn on the cob, salads, fruit… and a yummy chocolate-nutty cake.





While all of the details and food were fabulous and deserve high praises, I think that the ceremony itself outshone everything else. Big Spoon and May are both Baha’i, so the ceremony was different from most weddings I’ve attended. Big Spoon told us that a Baha’i wedding requires two witnesses and the couple exchanges a simple vow of, “We will all, verily, abide by the will of God.”

Before Big Spoon and May exchanged their vows, their parents gave their blessings, passages were read, a song was song, and many tears were shed. {I kept making the mistake of looking at Big Spoon so I would distract myself by taking more pictures… it worked for the most part.}






I love Big Spoon as though he were my brother. Even though I don’t see him too often now that we are no longer attending Western, he is still one of my best and dearest friends. I have never seen him so happy and at peace as he is now that he has found May, and even if it were only for that I would hold May close to my heart. Of course, there is more to love of May than just her love for Big Spoon. She is someone you can’t help but adore and probably one of the most genuine people I’ve met.


Jeff and May, congratulations and much love to you both.

JM_18The couple and the “Washingtonians”

John, Casee and I were the last guests to leave the reception and we were all dancing until the very end. It was so nice to be able to spend that extra time with Big Spoon and May and to take advantage of each moment we could hang out while we were still in New York.

It was tough to say good-bye. But it always is.

JM_19… and the Dish ran away with the Spoon.


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