it’s official

It’s pretty much official.

I’m a home owner.

homeMy home, as seen from the driveway. To the right of the detached garage is also my property, up to the edge of the red shed.

I signed the papers on Monday and gave the bank a cashier’s check for the largest single payment I’ve ever made for anything.

The only relief I got after handing over the check {other than that I get a house out of the deal} is that I still had some money left in my savings.

I had to remind myself a handful of times that this is why I’ve been saving… that “someday-house-down-payment” is no longer a “someday” but a “today.” So it’s ok.

The slight shock to the system over financing is just an undercurrent.

I am actually very excited!

I should get keys tomorrow {oh my!} and I am planning on taking Friday off to start moving in.

I will take more pre-move-in pictures to show how it is as-purchased… and then with all of my junk things… and then again after my dear friend Kim helps me decorate!

Kim has done interior design consulting and she’s going to help me as a “thank you” for taking photos at the Have a Heart Golf Tournament on Sunday. {More on that in another post, with some of the photos, of course!}

I’m so excited!!


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’ll be looking forward to a housewarming party ;) And would certainly be willing to help organize – hint hint.

    I’m so happy for you Sarah! And of course Taylor too. Can’t wait to see the new digs.

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