so sweet

Home Sweet Home is so much truer when it is your own home.

It probably won’t be quite as sweet once I have to make my first mortgage payment, or when different household issues come up that I’ll need to take care of…

But even with that, there’s a definite pride in ownership.

I am going to enjoy the feeling as much as I can while it lasts!

I moved in over this past weekend and have been attempting to get completely unpacked since then. It’s quite the endeavor.

Here are some photos I took quickly right before my mom and I started unloading the first batch of boxes last Friday. I’ll do another better “tour” of the house and the rest of the property once most of the boxes and miscellaneous clutter is hidden put away or gone.

The Living Room:

MoveIn 014

That’s the front door, opened on the right. Behind it are 2 doors that open into a single closet. The hallway in the middle of the photo goes straight back into the 2nd bedroom/office, and to the left is the master. The door on the left of the photo is the bathroom.

MoveIn 013

Another angle shows the bathroom door and where the living room opens into the kitchen. I’m ok with the yellow walls for now, but they will probably change after Kim helps me with decorating! {I don’t like that the trim is a darker yellow… I wish they had left them white.}

MoveIn 012

This is my cute little propane stove that sits on the edge of the living room and kitchen.

The Kitchen:

MoveIn 007

Looking straight in from the living room, by the propane stove. Beyond the beam in the ceiling is an add-on done in 2004ish.

MoveIn 005

Looking to the right in the kitchen. The door to the left of the stove goes into the laundry room. The cabinets are all brand new! And I even have a tiny dish washer! {We think that the previous owner was going for a “Tuscan” theme with the decor.}

MoveIn 010

The counters are new, too, and the sink is seamless! Very nice.

The Bathroom:

MoveIn 015

New vanity sink and medicine cabinet. The medicine cabinet blocks a lot of the light from the fixture… not so good. There’s a cute little shelf above the toilet– you can just barely see a corner of it on the left.

The Second Bedroom:

MoveIn 017

You can’t tell much from the photo, but it’s a decent little room. I’ve set it up as an office/staging area for unpacking. It will probably become a craft room and hopefully some sort of guest room. We’ll see.

The Master:

MoveIn 018

It’s kind of huge. Well, compared to the rest of the house anyway. I’m pretty sure that it is larger than the living room.

MoveIn 019

Looking from the far corner/wall towards the hallway area. It has a decent closet and a nice chair rail with a darker paint on the lower half of the wall and a lighter on the upper half. I like it.

I didn’t get any shots of the exterior yet… there’s a deck outside the kitchen, a detached garage, 3 awesome blueberry bushes, an old rickety “shed”, an old split-rail cedar fence {that mom and I have reinforced with welded wire fencing} around the front and one side of the house… I’ll try to take pictures in the next few days.