Three Cups of Tea

A few of my lovely high school friends and I have started a book club. Our first book was Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.

Mortenson made an attempt to scale K2, but had to turn back just a short distance from the summit. Freezing and mulling over the fact that he had failed for the first time, he stumbled down the mountain. He lost track of his guide and wandered into the little village of Korphe where the villagers welcomed him, fed him, and let him rest. When he was well enough he went to see the Korphe school: a flat area where the children gathered to practice their lessons, using sticks to mark in the dirt, and a teacher who was there only occasionally. Mortenson promised the Korphe people that he would return to build them a real school as thanks for their kindness.

Mortenson made good on his promise and then some: he returned many times to Pakistan and the Karakoram region to build not just one, but fifty-five schools.

We planned to meet for the first time in August, but that didn’t happen. Then we tried for this past Saturday, which turned into Friday, and then finally we met last night.

This is how it went down:

700p to 730p: Mini tour of my house. Talked about the neat features of my new washer and dryer. Prepared and served food.

730p to 800p: Ate food. Discussed paint colors for my living room and kitchen.

800p to 930p: Talked about relationships, friendships, who we were in high school, perceptions, kids, marriage, education, TV shows.

930p to 1000p: TV shows turned into discussions of Twilight, the New Moon movie, and suggested reading Twilight for our next meeting since one of us hadn’t read it yet.

1000p to 1005p: Watched the New Moon extended trailer from the VMAs.

1005p to 1025p: More Twilight discussion and Twilight movie critique.

1025p to 1030p: Discussed Three Cups of Tea.

1030p: My friends left.

All in all, it was a great way to start off our book club!


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  1. HA HA! That is pretty much how it went! Good times good times. I think the next go round it is at my house, so I have a couple books in mind and will send out the email tonight or tomorrow. I figure twilight can be a secondary “extra credit” book for Charisse :-D

    • You wrote my 100th comment! {Granted, I’m pretty sure this includes my own comments/replies… but whatever. It’s still cool.}

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