Ladies’ Night

As Liz’s Maid of Honor, I got to throw her a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette parties are not exactly my forte. Bridal showers on the other hand… well, I think I kind of rocked Liz’s bridal shower (with lots of help!). I’d never attended a bachelorette party before and didn’t know what people would expect.

My priority was that Liz enjoyed herself.

If I base the outcome on that alone, I think that it was a success.

The “festivities” started with manicures and pedicures for the bridal party (my first ever!). It was lovely… although I was slightly self-conscious when the manicurist worked on my little thumb. She probably talked to the other ladies about it but I couldn’t understand what she was saying because she was speaking in Vietnamese. I tried to not think about it.

LizBach 007Katie getting her toes beatified.

Katie left us to get ready at her place while Liz, Elysia, Taune and I stopped for a bite to eat at Dick’s. Such yummy, cheap food. {And uh… appropriate for a bachelorette party day…}

LizBach 009

Then we headed to Liz’s apartment to get ourselves ready and wait for the other ladies to arrive. Before long the apartment was packed with 15ish ladies (I lost count… it could have been more). We ate some food, had a few beverages, and then made our way out to take over Queen Anne.

LizBach 020

Out first stop was Chopstix, a local dueling piano bar. We made Liz go up on stage while the pianists sang to her. None of us knew the song… some “69” song about “normal” things that are inappropriate only if you think of them “that way.” It was entertaining.

LizBach 029

Another bonus of having her party on Thursday was that it was Ladies’ Night at Chopstix which meant free cover and $3 drinks! Couldn’t have planned it better. The only downer while at Chopstix was that the piano man refused to play Gold Digger by Kanye. (One of Liz’s favorites.) Instead he got on his little soap box and went on about how much of a… well, a not-nice person he was. They even had a rap about it. All we wanted was to hear Gold Digger played on pianos!

We left shortly after that, took pictures across the street in the neat park that had changing colored lights, and then made our way to Ozzie’s, another local bar.

LizBach 053Liz and the Bridesmaids!

LizBach 057All of the ladies!

We did karaoke at Ozzie’s, played pool, danced, made boys kiss Liz on the cheeks, and had a good time.

LizBach 066Trying to find a good song…

By the time we left Ozzie’s there were only four of us left: Liz, two others, and myself. We walked back to the apartment, hung out a bit until the guys from the Bachelor party showed up and eventually went to bed… around 4am.

Only to get up a few hours later to get ready to head out to the wedding site for the rehearsal, etc.

Although it was a much (MUCH) later night than I am used to, I really enjoyed spending some time with Liz’s friends that I didn’t know well (or at all) before that night. I wish that I could have chatted more with some of them during the wedding reception, but it all went so fast and I never got a chance! Ah well.

{More on the wedding in another post…}