Liz lurves Justin

Liz and Justin made it official!

LJWedding-33The Aisle!

LJWedding-47The beautiful view from the main house.

The wedding was in Lakebay on the Key Peninsula at a vacation rental property… it’s not the easiest place to find. In theory it should have taken me less than an hour to get there from my parents’ house, but it ended up taking me over TWO hours to get there on Friday! {Partly due to road paving and partly to driving up and down one road multiple times, and then down each side road until I finally recognized one of the other bridesmaids sitting in her car.}

With that adventure out of the way I was set and ready to get things done to help make Liz and Justin’s big day a memorable success!

Katie, one of the bridesmaids and our friend from college, did the catering for the reception. She and her friend Sally made 10 lasagnas a few weeks previously and then froze them… and they were rock solid! {We were able to let them defrost enough so they cooked fine and tasted amazing!}


Saturday morning {the big day!} the light was just perfect in our room so I took advantage of it and got a few photos of Liz’s dress, ring, and shoes. {I couldn’t help myself– and I had to get photos while I could since I wouldn’t be able to during the ceremony!}

LJwed_04The Dress

LJwed_02The Ring and Shoes

LJwed_03The Shoes

Liz did a lot of DIY things throughout the preparations, decorations, etc. She made the programs, the cake tier, the seating chart/assignment board.

LJWedding-23The Programs: “You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without.”

LJWedding-54The Cake. {Tier made by Liz; Cake made by Liz’s Aunt}

LJWedding-50Seating Assignments.

LJWedding-34The Centerpiece. Flowers from Pike Place; Table Numbers made by Liz {with a different photo of Liz and Justin an on the back of each one}; Plain clear votive candle holders with damask-patterned tape

With all of the preparations complete, it finally came time for the ceremony.

LJWedding-20The happy couple, post-I-Do’s.

I handed my camera over to my sister, Jayme, who took some photos while I was getting ready and during the ceremony. She got some great shots!

And then I greedily took it back once I was finished with my MOH duties and snapped this lovely photo of Liz…


Everything went so smoothly all day and all of the preparations paid off in a beautiful setting, a heartfelt wedding ceremony {they wrote/winged their own vows… Justin’s were written on the back of a light bulb box, and Liz used Justin’s cover letter and resume from when he “applied” to be her wedding date to a wedding two years ago}, a fun reception… overall a great way to start off their life as Mr and Mrs! I even managed to pull off a decent MOH speech! {So I’m told… I was so nervous I hardly remember what I said. I’m looking forward to the wedding video so I can hear it for myself.}

Liz and Justin,

I LURVE YOU GUYS! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day and everything leading up to it!


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