Happy Lobster Day

No, it’s not the National Lobster Day.

{And yes, apparently there is a National Lobster Day: June 15th. Now you know.}

But it is a day even more important.

It is my lobster’s and my mother’s birthday!

My mother… well, that one’s pretty straight forward. She brought me into this world nearly 25 years ago. For that and many, many other things I will be forever grateful.

Mom-1My mom with me and my cousin, Micah.

Now my lobster… that takes a little more explaining.

You see, it started with a Friends episode… as so many things do. You know, the one where Phoebe describes how lobsters go around the lobster tank, claw-in-claw with one another? And how they were soulmates?

Lobster-1The card Liz made me for my 18th birthday a few years ago. Ok, maybe more than a “few.”

Then you throw in two teenage girls, best friends yearning for their own “lobster”/soul mate.

And then we realized that “lobsters” don’t have to refer to soul mates of the opposite sex, but could also describe friendships…


And ever since Liz and I have not only been best friends, but lobster-friends… walking around in this tank-of-a-world that we live in.

She has found her fella-lobster recently, but she will always be my lobster-friend.

Mom, Happy 25 + how-old-you-were-when-I-was-born-th Birthday! I love you!

Liz, Happy 25th Birthday! We’ve survived the first quarter-century of our lives… bring on the next! {Ok, I’m not quite 25, but I’ll be there soon enough!}


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  1. Sarah Louise Burlingame! This is about the most heartwarming and adorable post I’ve ever seen!! I love it and I got all teary-eyed. I didn’t even remember giving you that card. Fabulous!! Love you!

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