Good-Bye Yellow!

Disclaimer: Please (please!) ignore the clutter and poor photo quality in the following photos… I’m too excited to wait to take pictures after I have everything back in order!

After Kim came to “consult” with me about the decor of my new home I could hardly wait to get paint on the walls!

However, choosing the paint colors proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated… especially since I am prone to indecisiveness.

Eventually my stubbornness overcame my indecisiveness. I cleaned the walls of my kitchen, living room, and “hallway” area with TSP (it was disgusting to see what came off– ugh!) and then I HAD to make decisions about paint so my cleaning efforts weren’t wasted!

My living room was originally a “harvest yellow” with darker yellow trim… and I decided to change it to Behr’s Laurel Mist (a sagey green) with Behr’s Off White trim (a creamy white).

The kitchen was originally a peachy color that matched the cabinets and floors too much for my taste. I decided to change it to Behr’s Blue Fox with the Off White trim.

Kitchen Before:

Paint 011

Kitchen After:

Paint 021

Living Room Before:

Paint 007

MoveIn 013

Living Room After:

Paint 024

Paint 022

It is amazing how much better I feel seeing this color combination:

Paint 029

… instead of this color combination:

MoveIn 007


2 responses to “Good-Bye Yellow!

  1. Wow. That seriously looks amazing. So amazing, in fact, I’m considering stealing those colors.

  2. I am so glad you went with the blue in the kitchen! I think it looks great! The living room color with the white trim is excellent. I never would have thought that color originally, but it really opens it up and compliments the kitchen perfectly. Well done my friend :-). Can’t wait to see it in person Saturday.

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