100 for 25? Yes, please!

I don’t normally shop at Pier 1… but when I got a gift card AND a $15 off $75 or more coupon in the mail I figured I could find something worth buying.

I went in a few weeks ago to look around but couldn’t find anything I had to have. At that time I also didn’t have any paint on the walls and didn’t know what colors I was going to go with yet.

Last night I had some time before a meeting so I went in again, armed with the gift card and coupon… and a mission.

I wanted red pillows to add some “punch” to my couch and loveseat.

I found these (or at least something super similar):


The best part was that they were on clearance for only $8 and change! Woohoo!

They’re a little more “pink” than I would like… kind of a dusty rose. But I figured they would be ok since my paint colors aren’t super bold.

And then I found this:


I picked it up for my bathroom, but once I got it home I couldn’t find a place for it that wasn’t awkward. So it may be put in the living room…

I also got 4 cobalt mugs + small plates, and a tea diffuser thing for loose tea.

At the original prices (the pillows were originally $16), everything I got was worth over $100.

After clearance, the gift card, and the coupon… I paid less than $25.

I wish every shopping outing could be like that! {But that’s also why I’m not allowing myself to shop often!}