warmed house

I finally had my Open House/House Warming shindig over the weekend…

…and my house was nice and toasty! Literally and figuratively speaking.

I found it amazing how warm it got with my friends and family crammed into my cozy living room and kitchen!

I’m considering inviting them all over every weekend throughout the winter– maybe then I wouldn’t have to turn my heat on at all!

Just trying to be environmentally-friendly. {And wallet-friendly.}

Anywho… it was great have everyone over to see my new home. I wish I could have visited more with them all but that just means they’ll have to come back {in smaller groups} to visit again.

The two things nearly everyone commented on were:

1. My huge master bedroom. {It was funny to show them my crowded little living room, kitchen, and then to turn the corner and wait for their reaction when they saw the size of the bedroom.}

2. My bruise. I was asked “Who pinched you?”, “What did you do to yourself?”, “What happened this time?” and other things along those lines. For anyone that knows me, it wouldn’t shock them to find out that I did it to myself… somehow. I don’t remember hitting myself, getting pinched, or anything else. I deduced that it must have happened while painting– probably when I had to paint the awkward area above my cabinets in the kitchen. {The bruise is on the inside of my upper arm… a very strange place to get a lump of a bruise. It’s still visible after over a week!}

After the “Open House” portion of the day, a handful of friends from high school came over and visited. It was nice to sit and relax and chat after running around all afternoon. I know it’s a good thing when they leave and I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to see any/all of them. {And I got to hold baby MoNK! I was in bliss.}

Thank you all for a wonderful afternoon/evening!