how it goes

Do you ever get grand ideas to make something?

You have this awesome image in your mind of how it will turn out. And so simple to do! You just cut here, glue like that, a little paint and twine– and tada!

You have a new pretty thing to adorn your table that looks like it jumped right out of a fancy catalog that sells new manufactured things that look old and handmade. And you did it for a total of $0!

{But only because you’re a pack-rat and keep anything that you might be able to use someday for a grand project you just haven’t thought of yet.}

Then you decide to actually make this simple project {since it won’t take any time at all} instead of just thinking about it.

And that’s where it all starts to go down hill.

You cut the cardboard into strips… and decide you have enough only because your hand hurts and you’re afraid of getting blisters.

You need to have holes in the ends of the cardboard strips, but don’t have anything appropriate to punch the holes. So you use a wall hook thing, a tack, the tips of scissors, and anything else pointy and within reach.

Then you realize you don’t have anything to keeps the ends together… but you just shortened some of the strings from the blinds! Free string! Sweet! But it refuses to go through the holes.

Make the holes bigger. Get the strips all on the string.

Ugh. You can already tell this method is NOT going to work. It looks horrible. Not at all what the picture looks like in your mind.

Take the strips off the string. Time for a new approach.

Finally get the pieces together. Start applying modge podge goop and orange tissue paper.

Realize you should have done the tissue paper before assembling the pieces. Get covered in modge podge.

Give up after watching 2 episodes of Community, 3 or 5 of Parks and Recreation and maybe a few others.

Decide maybe it will look better in the morning…

… and/or you’ll have another wave of brilliance on how to make your lumpy cardboard mess into a kitchy, festive fall pumpkin.

Or am I the only one?


One response to “how it goes

  1. Nope, sorry to say you’re the only one. I would never do such a thing. And I would especially not never learn from my mistake and keep thinking that next time I could do it better when in reality is seems to get worse and more preposterous every time. Speaking of which, I have another project to get started on, and I’m sure it will turn out awesome this time…

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