quarter century

Yesterday was my 25th birthday.

Milestone: Cheaper car insurance.

This made my morning:

{Thanks, Jess!}

I spent my birthday evening in the most exciting of ways… by attending 2 meetings for the dog club. We had cupcakes, though, so it wasn’t too terrible.

And then a few of us went to Azteca…

There was a party for a 16 year old boy. {It’s weird to me that I’m 9 years older than him…}

He had the entire wait staff sing to him and he “got” to wear the birthday sombrero.

We had finished dinner and were getting ready to leave, so I though I had made it through without having them sing to me.

I wasn’t so lucky.

At least I didn’t have to wear the hat.

And I got a free chocolate mousse that tasted just like the frosting from the cupcakes we had earlier. {The frosting was tastier, and more fun because it turned your mouth and tongue attractive shades of orange, purple, or green.}

My mom went out of town this week so I had an early birthday dinner with the fam on Monday… lobster, shrimp, steak, and salad with cheesecake for dessert. They also got me 3 pottery mugs that match the one I have already and some pottery herb label things that I’ve been wanting for awhile.

Next milestone birthday: The Big 3-0.