happy family

Facebook is a wonderful thing.

Step 1: I post photos on my facebook account.

Step 2: Friends and friends of friends get to see them.

Step 3: Friends and friends of friends like what they see.

Step 4: Friends and friends of friends ask me to take more photos.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 through 4.

This is how a college friend discovered my photos and asked me to take photos of her husband’s family as a gift for his mother’s birthday. (He is also a college friend.)

OConnell_blog-1~the parents~

OConnell_blog-4~the kids~

OConnell_blog-2~mom with the lil’ horses~

OConnell_blog-3~family, with the home of 20+ years~

OConnell_blog-5~my favorite of the whole family~

Sarah and Michael are wonderful people, so I wasn’t surprised to find that Michael’s family was just as wonderful– and entertaining!

They had a loving, light-hearted dynamic that made it tons of fun to be around them… and then I had to remember that I was there to take photos, too, not just laugh and visit!

It was a great way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon {the weather cooperated!} and a great excuse to catch up with some old ResLife friends. I could have chatted the rest of the afternoon and into the evening with Sarah and Michael once we were finished with photos, but I had to tear myself away to get back on the road.

OConnell_blog-6~Sarah & Michael~


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