happy baking

Thanksgiving is traditionally spent with my mom’s side of the family, plus any friends, etc that need a place to go.

Everyone contributes something.

My dad and I are in charge of the pies… well, the last few years it’s just been me.

We always have apple and pumpkin.

This year I am planning on making an apple pie, a pumpkin pie {with home grown pumpkin from one of my co-workers!} and I am going to try out the reduced sugar pumpkin cheesecake from Kalyn’s Kitchen.

I’ve been loving pumpkin cheesecake lately so hopefully my attempt comes out as good as Kalyn’s looks!

If I remember I’ll try to get some pics… and if I’m not too covered in flour. {Ha!}

I’ll be baking at my mom’s house… she has a better kitchen for pie-making. {Someday I want an island in my kitchen that is big enough to roll out pie dough. My “someday” list is getting quite long!} Plus, the mess will be there instead of my house. :)

Happy baking this Thanksgiving Eve!