mmm tea

I love Harney & Sons tea. Laura introduced me to the goodness a few months ago.

I love tea and I have a slight obsession with boxes… so their tins of tea sachets are perfect for me.

I’m also “frugal” so I like good deals/sales/free things/DIY, etc.

Put these things together and you get an awesome deal from Harney & Sons!

They are having a “Power Hours” sale this weekend on their site!

10% off $25+, 15% off $50+ or %20 off $100+ with the coupon code HOLIDAY.

It’s going on RIGHT NOW and lasts until Midnight on Sunday (Eastern Time).

The difficult part is choosing which teas to try…


4 responses to “mmm tea

  1. ooo i wish i would have known about this sale!!

    i’m happy you really liked the tea though :) i have collected enough tins for a stand i have and am hoping to fill them with full leaf teas. when i do, i’ll have to have you over for a tea tasting.

    we should really try and get together sometime soon. sundays are generally good weekend days for me.

    hope all is well!

    • I ended up getting some Paris loose tea and a lemon loose tea (caffeine free for evenings)… I’ve never used loose tea before so it should be an adventure! I can’t wait to get them! I’ve seen a tea and herbal place on Silverdale Way close to the post office– have you heard of it before or been in yourself? I might have to check it out soon, but they’re usually closed when I go by.

      We most definitely need to get together soon!! I’ll email or fb you to figure something out. :)

  2. Hey Sarah! Oh goodness, I just had “Paris” tea by Harney & Son’s at a cute little cafe. In fact, I just blogged about it last night! Imagine that!

    I wish I had known about the sale!

    I would love to see you soon. Missing you so much!! Maybe for some craft time – we’ll be in bremerton a few times in the coming weeks. I’ll touch base and we can figure out a good time / day that works for us both! Love you!

    • Haha what are the chances of that?! Paris tea is probably my favorite so far, but I have 3 others from Laura that are also amazing. I just love tea!!

      Let me know when you’ll be around! I’m always up for some Sara-time! (And Kyle, too, if he’s around.)

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