frozen in the field

Monday had me out in the field again.

Thankfully we were doing spawn surveys which kept us moving all day. The weather report called for a high of a meager 31 degrees in Chimacum. Just a bit on the chilly side.

It was beautiful and clear and the cold air was refreshing– as long as we didn’t stop for too long!

I didn’t get too many pictures (it’s a bit difficult to operate my camera with gloves on and I couldn’t justify taking them off).

However I wanted to make sure I got at least a couple of the neat things we saw in the field that resulted from the chill weather to share with you… (Please excuse the poor image quality. The lighting wasn’t great in the woods and it was difficult to keep the camera steady!)

I loved the ice that formed on the sticks, branches, roots, and grasses that broke the surface of the streams! I got excited each time I saw “stick-cicles” (which was quite often). There were some places that the sun shone through the ice that I wish I could have photographed. Ah well. This will have to do. :)

We also found some very interesting ice crystal formations that looked like soft fungi or feathers. We had a short discussion debating whether it was ice or fungus– and then it melted on our fingers. “It’s magical disappearing fungus!”

We found these ice formations on random sticks and sometimes between the bark and the wood of the stick. It was crazy cool.

I wish that I could trust myself not to fall so that I could take out my DSLR. The bruised lump on my leg and the other bruises that have yet to come to the surface are evidence to why I can’t.

At least I didn’t lose my boots in the mud this time! And I didn’t get wet!

(Obviously we weren’t surveying for frozen sticks and crystal formations. We did see two dead salmon, one of which wasn’t in our survey reach… and also a handful of redds. We surveyed two longer reaches with a volunteer and then two super short ones. It was a long, exhausting day… but great to get some fresh air!)


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  1. Once again, your job is rad. My favorite weird ice thing is when ice forms under loose dirt and crunches as you walk.

    • Oooh I love that kind of ice, too! There was a ton of that out in the field. (It’s been so cold here lately!) There were even some areas of the stream that had little “sand bars” in them, but the upper layer of sand was frozen. It was so weird! I kept looking for neat frozen things and had to remind myself to look for salmon and redds haha.

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