“ding dong”

My house came with a uh… lovely door bell from the 1960’s-ish. It functioned just fine but was not very pretty to look at, especially up against my nicely painted walls.

Then my generous co-worker brought in a box of Christmas things that hadn’t sold at a recent estate sale. I went through the box and claimed a few Christmas items and…

A new door bell!

Even in the original packaging! Perfect!

I got it home and went to work to get rid of the blast-from-the-past bell.

I even read the instructions before I started. {That doesn’t happen very often.}

First I took off the cover from the old bell and tied a ribbon around the “FRONT” wire to distinguish it from the “TRANSFORMER” wire.

Remove a couple of screws, use a chisel to cut through the many layer of paint, and off comes the base!

The hole in the wall for the wires didn’t match up the hole on the new door bell for where I wanted to hang it.

Being the somewhat stubborn person I am I decided to make a new hole.

Of course I don’t have a hole-drilling-bit thing {no idea what they’re actually called} so I resorted to using a regular drill bit and drilled a series of small holes in an attempt to make a bigger hole that I could reach through and grab the wires.

Let’s just say it didn’t work as I had planned… so about an hour later I decided to just put the door bell where I could with the hole and wires as-is.

With the cover attached and a bit of paint…

Definitely an improvement!

I had hoped to avoid the need to paint, but it wasn’t all bad because I was also able to touch up a few places from painting the trim while I was at it.

It’s amazing how such minor projects can make me feel so accomplished… and make such a difference to how that wall looks!

Anyone interested in a 1960’s doorbell??


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  1. I am totally impressed. Anything that requires a drill I automatically put on the “bribe Spencer to do for me” list. Now I’m just intrigued by what it sounds like.

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